These objects are the result of a specific technique and of manufacturing expertise. With a lathe you can bore holes in metal. Watching this tool operating reminded me of the magic at work when a photograph is gradually revealed in the developer bath.

My rings constitute sensitive experiences of the workshop: I take in the smell of the various metals, I experiment on their malleability, I play with their colours, I test their limits and those of the tools I use. For each new test, I combine the materials and imagine shapes and techniques to design large rings that are sometimes close to being sculptures.

My relationship with a jewel is definitely a playful one: I put it on, take it off, set it down, put it back on. As my rings are sometimes very heavy, the wearer has to be cautious; wearing an object becomes a very special experience, something that means more than just dressing up.

*Photo of the installation for the DNSEP Object Diploma, June 2009 ; HEAR Strasbourg.

Silver, steel, copper, bronze, 2,5 x 2 cm, 2009 – 2017