The sculpture « Fût » was created as part of a project on the theme « Bottle(s) ». This artwork consists of three elements, two of which can be detached and one of which is a piece of jewelry. The body of the bottle is made of iron and silver, while the jewelry is a ring turned on a lathe from a previously made block of metal. This ring is integrated into the body of the bottle, giving it a unique functional and aesthetic dimension.

When presented lying down, the sculpture evokes the geological cores collected by researchers to gather information about the soil in a specific location. The artwork addresses the theme of the search for hidden things, with this discreet and surprising piece of jewelry that cannot be apprehended immediately.

The sculpture « Fût » is a true invitation to explore and discover the unexpected. It embodies the artist’s desire to awaken the senses and imagination of the audience through his creations.

Iron, silver 925, bronze